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ISO 14001:2004
About company
ThermalFly Inc. is a professional thermal solution provider which cares about all the thermal and acoustic issues
of PC components and whole systems in the IT industry. Traditionally, IT manufacturers tried to solve the thermal
problems by improving the heat dissipation effects of individual components. However, that is not the most effective
approach to solve the thermal problems.

ThermalFly solves the thermal problems from a system approach.System thermal solutions involve many different
aspects of thermal issues. The overall thermal efficiency of a system is affected by many different factors. These
factors include:
1. the case design with an emphasis on air flow arrangements that facilitates heat dissipation,
2. heat dissipation of power supplies and reduction of their noises.
3. the placement and adjustment of the second cooling fan in a system.
4. the heat dissipation requirements of other components and their associated noise reduction solutions.

ThermalFly solves the thermal issues by taking into consideration of all these factors.

The CPU coolers developed by ThermalFly are designed to boost the overall system thermal performance based
on the above concepts; because we understand simply improving the thermal efficiency on component level does
not produce the best effects.
We are committed to the development of the best thermal/cooling solutions, which include CPU coolers, case fans,
PC power supplies, and PC cases based on cost-effective and customer-oriented requirements. Furthermore,
ThermalFly provides system thermal route design service for system makers and system integrators to make the
system function in a stable thermal environment and meet silent requirements. ThermalFly not only provides the
component-level thermal solutions, but also a full range of complete thermal solutions to our clients.
All ThermalFly products are manufactured through ISO9001/ISO14001 and ROHS industrial standards.

ThermalFly's Core Competency and Smiling Curve
ThermalFly's core competency is its R&D capability and brand marketing. On one side of the Smiling Curve is R&D,
and the other side marketing. Smiling Curve Theory represents the competitive advantage of ThermalFly Inc.

Product Development Strategy
The product development strategy can be examined in four aspects -- Distinctive Design, Proven Quality, Fast Time
to Market, and Competitive Prices.

Distinctive Design
The quality of coolers is determined when the product is being developed. The technical innovation is the main
factor interplaying with the business insight, and distinctive design is the base of technical innovation.
ThermalFly spends much effort on creating new CPU coolers for making a difference and getting high performance
with other components. All products are uniquely designed to reflect the marriage of art and technology with an eye
to enhance the product quality, both on the retail and system integrator markets.

Proven Quality
ThermalFly's worldwide ISO9001/ISO14001 and ROHS certified manufacturing sites operate under stringent quality
control guidelines, thereby providing just in time convenience for products with the proven quality. All of our products
have passed safety, reliability, and stability tests. Therefore, ThermalFly can launch the newest qualified products
following speedy changeable CPU trend. We assure ThermalFly can stand at the leading position of cooling
components on the thermal field.

Fast Time to Market
ThermalFly's product development fully reflects its attention to the mainstream products. Our product R &D activity is
closely in sync with mainstream CPUs such as Intel's and AMD's processors. Our product development is also
linked to customers' requirements to make sure we have the best time-to-market products.

Competitive Prices
In addition to our distinctive designs, ThermalFly offers reasonable prices for high quality products. We transfer our
low cost advantages to our customers.

Marketing Strategy
Quick Response
ThermalFly is dedicated to cooperating with the distributors while products are being developed. We do our best to
create the right products to meet all the market demands in the just-in-time way. Therefore, ThermalFly stands out
as one of the leading brands in thermal fields on both the retail and wholesale markets. In response to new market
demand, ThermalFly will devote itself to other stage of branding campaign by taking broader market approach.
ThermalFly cares about the monthly variation of market prices, no matter the raw materials or parts cost of upstream
or selling prices of down stream, we watch the cost precisely and always provide the most competitive prices to our

Flexible Delivery
ThermalFly's professional and flexible manufacturing capability can meet the demand of both customers requesting
mass production volume and those who request small quantities across a wide range of multiple models.

Channel Branding
ThermalFly promotes its brand on the market throughout the world. ThermalFly will support our partners for
co-marketing activities, such as media review, road shows, exhibitions, advertisements and so on. All what we do
is helping our partners to win the market and earn the profit at the first time. ThermalFly is confident that it is able to.
ISO environmental policy
1. ThermalFly is committed to environment leadership in all of our corporate activities which includes development,
procurement, production, sales and after-sale servicing.
2. ThermalFly will comply with environment regulations and agreements to improve our environment management
practices as part of ongoing efforts to protect the environment.
3. Work with ThermalFly��s supply chain to improve environmental protection, use sustainable business processes
and practices that minimize waste and prevent pollution, and dispose of waste safely and responsibly of perfect
4. Corporate strategies, policies and guidelines must support this commitment in environmental affairs. Every
employee and contractor of ThermalFly must follow this policy any environmental, health, or safety concerns to
ThermalFly management, who must take prompt corrective action.
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